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  • Richmond Bridge Club was the first club in the country to purchase this amazing bit of software and we have never looked back

    Tasks which were seemingly impossible like targeting players who have not played, writing to specific sections of your membership and a whole plethora of other incredible reports are now easy and instinctive to create in seconds.

    The renewal process makes that difficult task so much easier, the results report which automatically goes out at the end of every session are eagerly awaited by our membership. And it does not stop there as James and his team continue to improve and develop the product offering first class personal support.

    I remain convinced that without the help of this product we could not have achieved our number #1 status or kept it for three years in a row.

    Marietta Andree
    Manager, Richmond Bridge Club
  • The player analysis features have been very popular with members

    The South Australian Bridge Association has been using Pianola for about 3 years. Before then we had a somewhat basic member database and Pianola has been a real boon in helping manage our member information and especially our membership renewal process.

    We have been very impressed with the service we receive from James Ward who has been very helpful in adapting Pianola to the way bridge clubs operate in Australia. New features are been constantly added further increasing the positive experience for our members. I have no hesitation in recommending Pianola to bridge clubs large and small.

    Gary Deaton
    Manager, South Australia Bridge Association
  • As soon as our records were imported into Pianola we immediately saw the benefits

    We decided to have a trial of Pianola after seeing the demonstration. We weren't convinced we needed it as things at the club were pretty well organised and working ok.

    However, as soon as our records were imported into Pianola we immediately saw the benefits - all the membership records available to the committee without the need for those endless spreadsheets. It as was very easy to use and our membership secretary soon realised how easy it was to send out subscription renewals and reminders. Then we discovered the email facility. We had previously emailed members on an ad-hoc basis but the email in Pianola is only easy to use but looks good.

    It is easy to make groups that could have specific email - Tournament Directors, Scorers, Committee members. Then we introduced it to members so they could see their results in full detail. Soon people began to use the partner finding feature and that has proved very popular.

    All round a great decision to have Pianola!

    Anne Kimberley
    Chair, Wetherby Bridge Club
  • The administration of the club is greatly helped by Pianola

    The administration of the club is greatly helped by being able to target emails to different groups of members, membership renewals and registration is simplified and the results service is excellent.

    Previously, we were using Excel to manage our membership list and hadn't realised how limiting this was. Pianola gives us much more flexibility, is more secure and allows all members of the committee to have access to the up-to-date information they need without emailing files around.

    We are very pleased we chose Pianola.

    Matthew Wilkinson
    Membership Secretary, Oxford Bridge Club CIO
  • You'll wonder why you didn’t start using Pianola earlier

    When Pianola was suggested I was skeptical as to its benefits to South Bucks Bridge Centre — particularly as we are a pay-as-you-go club and do not charge a membership fee. However after trialling it for three months we found the player database an invaluable admin tool especially for targeted marketing.

    The results email has been a real hit with our players and has produced an unforeseen spinoff: our database has increased. Players who were never registered with us or whose email had changed are now queuing up to give us their correct address so they can receive results straight after the game!

    In conclusion, using Pianola is a bit like switching mobile phones. Your current mobile is fine but once you upgrade to a smartphone with all the apps, email, Gogle, camera, games, etc you wonder why you didn’t switch earlier!

    Sue Reid
    Manager, South Bucks Bridge Centre

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