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  • The Partnership Finder saves me hours of time and builds my game by at least two tables a day

    Pianola is just about the best tool I have for running the In Tempo Bridge Club. Players come to me daily and tell me I have the best website. I now realize they are talking about the Pianola results page and not my web design!

    We are a teaching club. Pianola results are attractive and easy to read. The “personal performance” tracking truly helps our developing players understanding where to focus their bridge education. This enhances the attendance in our bridge classes.

    The “Smart Groups” aspect of Pianola is a wonderful use of the database. I often send out e-mail blasts to specific groups announcing classes, special games or last minute partnership requests. Because the program uses members’ names in the e-mail everyone feels I’ve contacted them personally. I get a tremendous response!

    The Partnership Finder saves me hours of time and builds my game by at least two tables a day. The fact that people can select who reads their requests makes it very attractive to the discerning bridge player.

    I love Pianola and would not want to run In Tempo without it

    Kandi Osborne
    Owner, In Tempo Bridge Club, Scottsdale AZ
  • My folks have been very pleased with Pianola

    They love getting the results and seeing their strengths and weaknesses by the percentages of play. It has really helped some of my new players figure out what they need to do to improve their game.

    Pianola is the best!

    Priscilla Smith
    Owner, Ruff 'n' Sluff Bridge Club, Atlanta GA

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