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Pianola is what bridge club managers have been waiting for. A beautifully simple yet powerful set of tools to help you get on with the business of building a great bridge club.

Some of our amazing features for clubs

  • Website builder screenshot
    Website builder

    It's easy to make a beautiful website using Pianola.

    Like the rest of Pianola, we've designed it with users in mind. Pianola websites are incredibly easy to setup and maintain. Choose from a range of templates design your own.

    Website's built using Pianola are automatically "responsive", which means the design adjusts to the size of each visitor's device. This is important because almost half of the traffic to your website will be from people using mobile devices - phones and tablets. It's important, therefore, to make sure your visitors get a good experience on whatever device they choose. Recently, Google has started to penalise websites that don't offer a good mobile experience so it's more important than ever that your site is built using modern techniques.

    Try viewing your club's website on a small device and then compare it to this one:

    (If you're interested in responsive web design, you can read more about the principles on Google's Developer website.)

  • Email marketing

    Sending great-looking personalized emails couldn't be easier and because it's so fast and simple you'll communicate with your members a lot more frequently, which builds loyalty and grows your table count.

    You can target your message according to interest, membership status, ability, frequency of play, age, gender — or any other attribute you choose.

  • Automatic results by email

    The moment you upload your results, Pianola sends a personalized email to every player.

    These emails include not only their score, but also analysis of their performance.

  • Membership database

    Your membership data is held securely online, which means it can be updated from anywhere by either the club manager or players themselves (through their own personal login).

    Add and edit members' details with ease and as all your data is in one place there's no need to maintain separate lists for email, membership renewals, etc.

  • Competitions

    Let Pianola handle your ongoing competitions, ladders and masterpoint races. Simply upload your results as normal and Pianola will do the rest. Restrict the field by ability, gender, partners or qualifying games.

  • Partner finder

    Partner-matching without all the effort. Players can advertise for a game and control who sees their advert, meaning there'll be no awkward conversations.

  • Management reports

    Use Pianola's powerful (but easy-to-use) database queries to run management reports on membership status, player attendance, frequency.

  • Membership renewals

    Create and send your annual membership renewals in just a few clicks. Pianola sends renewal notices by email to members with an email address and creates a letter for those without. Pianola even puts fold marks on the letters to make it easier to stuff the envelopes!

    Your Membership Secretary or Treasurer can track receipts just as easily and send follow-up reminders to late payers.

Pianola users love it, here’s why:

  • Richmond Bridge Club was the first club in the country to purchase this amazing bit of software and we have never looked back

    Marietta Andree
    Manager, Richmond Bridge Club
  • As soon as our records were imported into Pianola we immediately saw the benefits

    Anne Kimberley
    Secretary, Wetherby Bridge Club
  • Pianola is a great addition to the club. Our players really benefit from the information it provides.

    Andrew Robson
    Andrew Robson Bridge Club
  • It looks good, it’s user friendly and it’s well worth the money

    Alexa Baxter
    Treasurer, Worthing Bridge Club
  • The Partnership Finder saves me hours of time and builds my game by at least two tables a day

    Kandi Osborne
    Owner, In Tempo Bridge Club, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Pianola offers capabilities that did not exist in bridge before. It is intuitive and straightforward to use!

    Mike Forrest
    Membership Secretary, Bristol Bridge Club
  • Worth your annual fee just extracting this information and variations so quickly!

    Terry Read
    Treasurer, Leeds Bridge Club
  • Any bridge club today should consider using Pianola to make their club more attractive and easier to run

    John Spiers
    Busbridge Bridge Club
  • Run the club without way! I would resign my post!

    Liz Welbourn
    Membership Secretary, Wetherby Bridge Club

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