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In-depth bidding accuracy and card play analysis

Pianola Plus will help you improve your game by showing you detailed information about your strengths and weaknesses. Try it free of charge for 30 days - with no obligation to buy and no credit card required up front.

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Pianola Replay

Watch this video to see Pianola Replay in action

Want to improve your card play? Pianola's Replay feature lets you play your hands again with card-by-card guidance about how you can make (or defeat) a given contract. Using exactly the same algorithm as is used to calculate the makeable contracts we'll show you the optimum line of play, whether you're declarer or defender.

Results Analysis

Watch this video to see how Pianola Plus analyses your performance

Pianola Plus gives you a breakdown of your bidding and card play for each session and compares it to the best in field so you can see where you need to improve.

  • Pianola Replay

    Ever wondered how to make the extra tricks that other people took? Can't see how to make the contract that the hand record says you should? Pianola Replay will show you. It lets you play any again, with card-by-card guidance.

  • Session report

    The session report gives you a complete breakdown of the game, including a text summary of your performance, the boards you played in each role and what was your average score in each case. It shows your bidding accuracy and card play ability for each board, and how this compares to the best in field.

  • Bidding analysis

    Get a detailed breakdown about which boards you’ve underbid, overbid or failed to double correctly. Pianola Plus will even spot where you could have made a profitable sacrifice - or avoided an unprofitable one.

  • Card play statistics

    Whether you’re playing in a 'good' contract or not, you’re still entitled to make a certain number of tricks, whether you’re declarer or defender. Pianola Plus will show you whether you’re giving away tricks to your opponents or stealing any from them. (Hint - good players tend to steal their opponents' tricks!)

To start your Pianola Plus 30 day FREE trial, log in to Pianola

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If your club doesn't use Pianola - refer them and get Pianola Plus FREE for a year

Pianola Plus guide

Want to read more? Download our comprehensive user guide and learn the ropes.

Pianola users love it, here’s why:

  • Richmond Bridge Club was the first club in the country to purchase this amazing bit of software and we have never looked back

    Marietta Andree
    Manager, Richmond Bridge Club
  • Pianola is a great addition to the club. Our players really benefit from the information it provides.

    Andrew Robson
    Andrew Robson Bridge Club
  • Pianola offers capabilities that did not exist in bridge before. It is intuitive and straightforward to use!

    Mike Forrest
    Membership Secretary, Bristol Bridge Club
  • As soon as our records were imported into Pianola we immediately saw the benefits

    Anne Kimberley
    Secretary, Wetherby Bridge Club
  • Worth your annual fee just extracting this information and variations so quickly!

    Terry Read
    Treasurer, Leeds Bridge Club
  • Run the club without Pianola...no way! I would resign my post!

    Liz Welbourn
    Membership Secretary, Wetherby Bridge Club
  • The Partnership Finder saves me hours of time and builds my game by at least two tables a day

    Kandi Osborne
    Owner, In Tempo Bridge Club, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Any bridge club today should consider using Pianola to make their club more attractive and easier to run

    John Spiers
    Busbridge Bridge Club
  • It looks good, it’s user friendly and it’s well worth the money

    Alexa Baxter
    Treasurer, Worthing Bridge Club

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