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Pianola makes running a bridge club a cinch for managers, and gives players in-depth analysis of results

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Pianola users love it, here’s why:

  • Worth your annual fee just extracting this information and variations so quickly!

    Terry Read
    Treasurer, Leeds Bridge Club
  • The Partnership Finder saves me hours of time and builds my game by at least two tables a day

    Kandi Osborne
    Owner, In Tempo Bridge Club, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Any bridge club today should consider using Pianola to make their club more attractive and easier to run

    John Spiers
    Busbridge Bridge Club
  • Pianola offers capabilities that did not exist in bridge before. It is intuitive and straightforward to use!

    Mike Forrest
    Membership Secretary, Bristol Bridge Club
  • As soon as our records were imported into Pianola we immediately saw the benefits

    Anne Kimberley
    Secretary, Wetherby Bridge Club
  • Richmond Bridge Club was the first club in the country to purchase this amazing bit of software and we have never looked back

    Marietta Andree
    Manager, Richmond Bridge Club
  • It looks good, it’s user friendly and it’s well worth the money

    Alexa Baxter
    Treasurer, Worthing Bridge Club
  • Run the club without way! I would resign my post!

    Liz Welbourn
    Membership Secretary, Wetherby Bridge Club
  • Pianola is a great addition to the club. Our players really benefit from the information it provides.

    Andrew Robson
    Andrew Robson Bridge Club

You'll love it too, here's why:

As a manager, you can save time and frustration whilst improving the service to your players

  • Grow your club through targeted marketing and better communication with players

  • Save time by streamlining your club’s administration with our powerful tools

  • Improve your service by providing players with more insight into their game and for frequent communication

  • Avoid frustration because your data is held securely online and easy to keep up to date

As a player, you can get insight into your performance to help you improve your game, and find new partners

  • Personal results history
    All your results plotted on a graph, with your current average calculated automatically

  • Performance analysis
    Your average scores with different partners, and in each role: declarer, defender - even dummy(!)

  • Member directory
    Share your contact details and results history with other members of your club

  • Partner finder
    See who’s looking for a partner and advertise for one yourself

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