Pianola: it works, you play

What is Pianola?
Smart tools for bridge clubs

For bridge club managers Pianola holds your membership data securely on the internet and lets you manage your club's administration with ease, including sending targeted emails, running management reports, issuing membership renewals and keeping accounts. Publish your results online and simultaneously upload to the EBU (if you're affiliated).

For bridge players Pianola provides your members with a personalised history of results and smart tools to analyse play. It also offers a partner-finder, so it's easy to find out who's looking for a game. Our member directory allows players to share contact and results history information with other members.

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Who is Pianola for? Features for club managers and club members

Bridge club managers Pianola will save your club time and money. It makes it easy to keep on top of your membership database and have detailed management information to help you run your club. Sending targeted and timely emails to your members will increase attendance at your events and lead to busier and more successful club.

Screenshot of Pianola software for bridge club managers

Bridge club members If you play at a club that uses Pianola, you'll have access to information about your play and performance the like of which you've never had before. See your performance over time, with analysis by partner and role (declarer, defender, dummy) and use our partner finder to find new partners.

Screenshot of Pianola software for bridge club members

What's great about Pianola?

Pianola is smart

Pianola doesn't like to do anything twice, so we hold your data centrally which means there's no chance your email list will get out of sync with your membership list.

When you upload results, Pianola not only publishes them to the web, but also updates your players personal history and, if you're an affiliated club, uploads your P2P file to the EBU.

Pianola is simple

Nobody wants complicated software so we've built a user-friendly product that gives you the features you need and nothing you don't. Pianola does all the complicated stuff behind the scenes.

Pianola is secure

We hold your data online but that doesn't mean we've compromised on security. In fact, your data is safer with us than it is on your own PC, where it is vulnerable to theft or mechanical failure.

We take copies of your data every few minutes and store these backups in multiple locations. All data passing between you and Pianola is encrypted, so nobody can see it except you.

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Pianola saves me literally hours each month and gives me the ability to reach our members and target specific groups in a way I have never been able to before.

Marietta Andree
Manager of Richmond, Wimbledon and Walton & Hersham Bridge Clubs